Estonia’s national IT, media and telecom company Levira approached us to help launch their new PaaS solution service Jelastic. We dived right in to create a logical landing page that would provide quick understanding of the service and convert visitors to clients.


Hyperice is a recovery and movement enhancement technology. It is used by world famouse athletes like Blake Griffin, Lindsey Vonn, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and others. Hyperice Europe launch needed a website that would carry the professional and slick image of Hyperice and would make placing orders for clients as easy as possible. Using WordPress platform and Woocommerce shop module.


Hansakodu real estate’s vision is to offer the best home in Pärnu. Hansakodu’s housing is energy efficient and long lasting. Very good thermal and sound isolation, high fire resistance and durability to weather make it a perfect new home. We created a visual identity and modern website to carry on the vision of Hansakodu


Nabiiri thrives to make the accounting service more efficient and mobile. Providing an online service is makes it more reachable and approachable. We created a corporate identity that would reflect these principles for Nabiiri’s clients.


Hõlu turned to us for an identity that would reflect their personal approach to brewing beer. They don’t care about trends, they just want to make beer that they like and hope others will follow. Each beer is inspired by a certain jazz or blues song where the name and color characteristic has been derived aswell. The overrall white look of the series stands out well from the colorful beer shelves in stores.